Alter Bridge post writing update blog (with photos)


Alter Bridge posted on their official website a blog updating us on their writing progress.

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The post is as follows:

Alter Bridge Writing Update (With Photos)

Hello Alter Bridge Nation,

We’ve been working hard over the past few months, writing pretty much non-stop and trying to make our third album the best that it can be. We’ve taken a huge step in the right direction by enlisting the talented Michael “Elvis” Baskette to produce our third album. For those that do not know… “Elvis” was the producer on our last album, Blackbird, so we already have an amazing working relationship with him. “Elvis” has spent the last few days with us doing pre-production work. He is leaving soon but will be back with us again for more pre-production in a week, after we write some more material. Here is a photo of all of us together last night…

Right now, we have about 17 songs finished with several more in various stages of being put together. We’re not sure how many songs will actually make the album but we promise you only the best of the best. We plan to get right back to the writing today and we will not stop until we are satisfied. We are getting closer to the recording process but we feel we are not quite ready yet. There are still a few exciting musical ideas we have yet to explore.

We still hope to have this album finished by the end of the summer and we are looking at October to start touring. From what we hear from management, Europe will be our first stop and we can not wait to get back. We’re also very excited to tour the USA and other places throughout the world that we have not been yet and when we have more info on when and where this will occur, we will let you know.

But for now, we are solely focused on the writing and we need to get back to it. So we’ll leave you with a few photos of us jamming in our rehearsal space. Spread the word that we will be back with a vengeance, later in 2010!

Keep Rocking,

Alter Bridge

All photos taken by William “Wild Bill” Burkle