Update on Alter Bridge writing progress


Scott Phillip's mom posted over at FlipOnline an update about Alter Bridge's progress on writing ABIII:

"Talked with Scott a couple of days ago when he was on his way to rehearsal with Myles, Mark, and Brian. After we talked about family stuff, I started grilling him about what was going on with the writing and recording of AB3. So here's the scoop...

Writing is progressing well--lots of songs are "finished" but there's still some time to tweak them before they are recorded, if needed.

Scott is going to be laying down the drum tracks "in a few weeks."

Scott said they're gonna try to get as much done before they hook back up with Creed--I think that's in April--but if they don't get finished they'll complete whatever they need to in break time from Creed touring. I also asked about Creed tour cities/dates, but nothing is firmed up as yet for public release.

We didn't get into the specifics of the songs, but we'll be down there a couple of times between now and April so I'm hoping we'll get to hear some of the rehearsal/recording stuff. I can't wait to hear what's in store for us!"