Alter Bridge update us on their writing progress via their Myspace blog


Alter Bridge posted a new blog today on their Myspace page, updating us about their progress on writing their third album.

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Hard at Work Writing the New Album
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Hello Alter Bridge Nation,

We just wanted to check in and let you know that the writing sessions for our third album have been coming along amazingly, so far. We feel that we have five songs that are "album ready" at this point, and we are in the process of figuring out several more. In fact, there are many song ideas we have yet to touch on. So, all in all, we are very happy with the progress thus far. We plan on writing through the weekend, at which point we will halt things to spend time with our families over the Holiday Season. After New Year's Day, we plan to get right back into Mark's studio to continue writing.

Speaking of the Holiday Season, we would like to highlight all of our products that would make great gifts and that will help spread the word about Alter Bridge. The best place to start is our first two albums, One Day Remains and Blackbird, which you should be able to get just about anywhere that sells CD's. Digitally, they are available on iTunes but we will include links for those of you who just want regular MP3's.

Here is the direct link to buy our first album, One Day Remains...

Here is a direct link to buy our second and latest album, Blackbird...

Our new DVD: Alter Bridge - Live From Amsterdam, is only available online at All our fans in the USA and Canada can order it here...

All our fans everywhere else in the world can get the DVD only through Amazon UK. This DVD works on EVERY player. Here is the link...

Also, do not forget to visit our friends at, where you can purchase exclusive items such as Mark’s Instructional DVD and some of the shirts that we wear on-stage each night.

And lastly, if you are looking for some of our official merch to give, here is the online store...

We hope all of you have an awesome Holiday Season and we are looking forward to 2010, when we will be back with a vengeance with a new album and a bunch of live shows. We will update you again when we continue our writing after the Holidays. Until then, we will leave you with this photo taken last night of us in Mark's studio.

Keep rocking,

Alter Bridge