Mark and Myles resume writing songs for "ABIII"


Myles posted a blog on his Myspace page today reporting that he has flown down to Florida and resumed the writing process for Alter Bridge's third album.

The post is as follows:

It's On

Last Wednesday night I packed up and said goodbye to my new friends at Cider Mountain Recorders. It was probably one of the best studio experiences I've had in my career. The basic tracks for my record are done, I just have to finish vocals and move on to Mixing and Mastering and we are off to the races. Everything is sounding great so far.

Yesterday I was on a plane making the journey from the Pacific Northwest back to Florida.

Tonight Mark and I continued working on AB 3 by putting some new tunes together. Very exciting stuff.

The last couple of days have been busy.....but I'm not complaining.