Mark updates us on Alter Bridge, Creed, and his time off


Mark posted an update over at Fret12 in which he discussed the upcoming Alter Bridge record, the Creed DVD, and what he's been doing since Creed wrapped up their latest tour. As it turns out, Mark is an American muscle car buff, and will soon be entering the restoration business.

Mark wrote:

Just wanted to give everyone an update about all of the cool stuff on the horizon.

I've been at home in Orlando for about a week, it's nice being home as I haven't been here since the Creed tour started in August. The tour was amazing and I had a great time playing, thanks to everyone that came out to see us!

Myles will be coming down in a few weeks so we can put our heads together and start writing the new Alter Bridge record. We haven't seen each other for a few months so it will be good to start working with the Alter Bridge lineup again. Elvis Baskette (Producer / Sound Engineer) will be working with us on the record when we hit the studio. I'm really happy the Alter Bridge live DVD finally came out; we have been waiting a long time for it.

There is also a live Creed DVD in the works, but it will be a bit before that comes out.

Now that I'm done touring, I've had some time to focus on restoring a couple of muscle cars that have been sitting in my garage. I'm getting more serious about cars and plan to get into the restoration and building business soon. It's still in the early stages of development, but it's rolling. Stay tuned!

I've been writing a lot since being home and playing guitar everyday. Lately Išve been playing a lot of Warren Haynes, learning his solos and techniques.

Reading is also something that consumes my time, Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe and Old Manšs War by John Scalzi are two books that Išve been switch reading.

And most important of all, my two boys are always keeping me busy at home!


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