Alter Bridge sign with label Napalm Records outside North America


Alter Bridge announced today that they have signed a new record deal with Napalm Records covering all territories except North America.  Frontman Myles Kennedy says, "we are pleased to announce we will be joining forces with Napalm Records as we embark on the next phase of our journey.  We are very excited to see what the future brings and look forward to reconnecting with our fans in 2016."

The band were previously signed internationally to the Dutch label RoadRunner Records for the release of their previous two albums, AB III and Fortress.  RoadRunner was acquired through a series of transactions spanning 2006 to 2011 and subsequently downsized, which likely had an effect on Alter Bridge's relationship with the label.  In the US, the band remains independently signed to their own label, Alter Bridge Recordings.

Napalm Records is an Austrian record company focusing primarily on hard rock and metal.  In addition to rock bands, their lineup spans a variety of metal genres including Gothic Metal, Viking Folk Metal, Doom Metal, and Thrash Metal.  Notable acts include Alestorm, Devildriver, and Kamelot.  Alter Bridge's international success, particularly in Europe, positions the band as perhaps the largest act on Napalm's roster.

Alter Bridge recently completed recording their fifth album, due out this fall.

Click here to view the announcement on Napalm's website.