Mark Tremonti opens up on Jamey Jasta's podcast


Mark Tremonti appeared as Jamey Jasta's featured guest on the latest episode of his podcast, The Jasta Show.  Over the course of an hour, they chatted about a broad range of topics covering all of Mark's bands, the current state of the rock scene, and the financial side of the music industry.

Mark has been friends with Jamey for many years, and was even rumored to be starting a band with him in the early aughts.  (This was recently debunked during Mark's appearance on That Metal Show.)  Whether it's due to their friendship or Jamey's immersion in the hard rock & metal scene, Mark is unusually candid on this podcast.

The podcast is chock-full of deep discussion, but some of the highlights include:

  • The state of rock & metal in Europe compared to the USA
  • Vocal technique: why Mark will never be a growler/screamer, singing in a live setting, losing one's voice, and septoplasty
  • Mark's writing process, including how he tags each segment he writes with its BPM and its musical key
  • The recording process
  • Sharing Myles with Slash, and how that forced Alter Bridge to cut the Fortress tour cycle short
  • The financial aspect of touring: why Mark needs to run a tight budget for Tremonti tours, and how Alter Bridge lost money on touring until recently
  • The business side of the music industry, royalty payments, re-record clauses, and how Alter Bridge are still paying off the Wind-up buyout debt
  • What bands Mark would like to tour with, and why Gene Simmons may never allow him to tour with Kiss
  • Mark's relationship with Scott Stapp
  • The upcoming Tremonti tour
  • Writing lyrics, and how Mark had to restrain himself from certain overused words like "Gone" and "Lost"
  • How Alter Bridge chose Elvis Baskette as their producer
  • Tremonti's new album, and how the 20 songs were broken up between Cauterize and Dust
  • The importance of identifying the ideal beat for a riff
  • Closet Creed fans, and how Creed are only 4 albums through their 7-album contract

Click here to hear the podcast on SoundCloud, or listen below: