Tremonti announce 'Cauterize' companion album to be called 'Dust'


Tremonti have just announced that their follow-up to Cauterize will be titled 'Dust'.  The band recorded 20 new songs at the end of 2014; 10 will be included on Cauterize, due out June 9th, and the other 10 will be released on 'Dust'.  Tremonti had previously mentioned releasing the remaining 10 songs individually over the course of several months, but as of now they will be packaged as a standard album.

This news represents the latest information in a string of shifting details that have emerged over the last few months.  In December, the band announced the completion of their recording process.  At that time, they intended to include 12 on the main album, and 8 individually on a monthly basis starting a year after the initial release.  At the listening part on January 31, the band clarified that the songs would be split into two sets of 10.  Today, Blabbermouth reported (via The Pulse of Radio) that the 10 songs not featured on Cauterize would land on a second album called Dust, which will be released within a year after 'Cauterize' comes out.

Both releases are named after songs that appear on each album.  The known track listings are as follows:


  1. Radical Change
  2. Flying Monkeys
  3. Cauterize
  4. Arm Yourself
  5. Dark Trip
  6. Another Heart
  7. Fall Again
  8. Tie the Noose
  9. Sympathy
  10. Providence
  1. My Last Mistake
  2. Betray Me
  3. Tore My Heart Out (working title)
  4. Catching Fire
  5. Once Dead
  6. Never Wrong
  7. The Cage
  8. Unable to See
  9. Rising Storm
  10. Dust