Tremonti confirm track listing and May release for upcoming album 'Cauterize'


Mark Tremonti's solo band today posted a teaser video confirming that their upcoming album will be titled Cauterize, and is planned for release in May.  The video provides an extended preview of "Radical Change", and confirms that Cauterize will contain 10 songs:

  1. Radical Change
  2. Flying Monkeys
  3. Cauterize
  4. Arm Yourself
  5. Dark Trip
  6. Another Heart
  7. Fall Again
  8. Tie the Noose
  9. Sympathy
  10. Providence

Check out the teaser video here:

The band recorded 20 songs as part of the Cauterize sessions.  The 10 songs not listed above will be released on a monthly basis some time later.  The remaining songs are titled as follows:

  1. My Last Mistake
  2. Betray Me
  3. Tore My Heart Out
  4. Catching Fire
  5. Once Dead
  6. Never Wrong
  7. The Cage
  8. Unable to See
  9. Rising Storm
  10. Dust

Tremonti previously posted short previews for "Cauterize", "Flying Monkeys", "Providence", "Sympathy", and "Another Heart".  You can listen to all five clips here.