Mark Tremonti takes delivery of custom painted guitar by Joe Fenton


Mark Tremonti has taken delivery of a new PRS Tremonti guitar on which he commissioned a custom paint job by Joe Fenton.  Fenton, who is based out of London, is a world-renowned artist known for his monochrome work in graphite, ink, and acrylic.  The paint job depicts a "heaven & hell" theme, inspired by "The Garden of Earthly Delights", a triptych painting by Hieronymus Bosch.

Mark first teased the guitar back in March when the initial paint job was complete.  After returning it to PRS, who installed the electronic hardware and applied the acrylic finish, Mark finally recieved the final product today.

Rather than use a standard Tremonti model, PRS custom made this guitar specifically for this paint job.  Whereas today's Tremonti models come standard with a whammy bar, this guitar uses similar stop tail to the first-generation Tremonti models, allowing more room for artwork on the back of the guitar.  Additionally, PRS crafted custom back plates out of wood, instead of the standard plastic electronics covers.

Shortly after the guitar was delivered, Fenton posted a video of the entire process, spanning the initial sketches to the final paint job.  Check it out below:

Watch Mark describe his new guitar in this video by Total Guitar:

When asked whether he would keep the guitar at home as a display piece, Mark responded, "I'm planning on using it live; it's too special to keep it hidden away at home."  Additional information can be found in Guitar World's comprehensive article here:

Check out the photos below (click to enlarge).  All credit goes to Joe Fenton and PRS Guitars.