Alter Bridge 'X' box set available for preorder


DC3 director Dan Catullo has announced the contents of Alter Bridge's upcoming box set, which is now available for preorder in the USA and Europe.  The box set is called Alter Bridge X to mark the band's tenth anniversary, and will ship in early 2014.  Those who preorder before November 1st will receive a custom engraving on the box, and will have their names printed in the included coffee table book.

Click here to preorder Alter Bridge X.

Dan announced the details of the box set via a Facebook group that he created to promote the product.  Only 3,000 box sets will be produced, making this a very limited-edition product.  The pre-orders are being split between 1,500 for Europe, 1,000 for the USA, and the other 500 for the rest of the world.  Any copies that remain unsold after the pre-order period will be offered for general sale, but will not include the custom engraving.

The box set will include all four Alter Bridge albums, DVD, blu-ray, and vinyl audio copies of Live From Amsterdam and Live at Wembley (including a 3D version of the latter), every webisode to date, hours of unreleased interviews and documentary footage, a coffee table book, a signed poster, and much more.  See below for a full list of what's included.

Alter Bridge have a longtime relationship with Dan Catullo and his production company, DC3.  Dan produced both of Alter Bridge's live DVDs, many of their music videos, and dozens of webisodes.

Check out this trailer for the box set:

Alter Bridge box set website

Full list of what's included in Alter Bridge X

  • Live From Amsterdam Concert DVD
  • Live From Amsterdam Concert Blu Ray
  • Live at Amsterdam Documentary DVD
  • Live at Wembley Concert DVD
  • Live at Wembley Documentary DVD - "The Road To Wembley"
  • Live at Wembley Concert Blu Ray
  • Webisodes DVD (every one 2009-2013)
  • Interviews DVD 1 (Interviews shot by DC3 in their entirety - unedited)
  • Interviews DVD 2 (Interviews shot by DC3 in their entirety - unedited)
  • Download Festival 2005 & 2011 DVD
  • Pinkpop Festival 2011 DVD
  • One By One Docoumentary (from AB 3.5) DVD
  • Europe Tour 2013 Doc & show footage DVD
  • Fortress Webisodes- 2013 DVD
  • Live at Wembley 3D Blu Ray
  • Music Videos 2004-2014 DVD
  • Live From Wembley CD
  • One Day Remains CD
  • Live From Amsterdam CD
  • Blackbird CD
  • AB 3.5 CD
  • Fortress CD
  • Live From Amsterdam vinyl 1
  • Live From Amsterdam vinyl 2
  • Live at Wembley vinyl 1
  • Live at Wembley vinyl 2
  • 100-page coffee table book
  • Signed poster