Alter Bridge DVD to include 'Fortress' solo/rhythm lessons and documentary


During a recent interview with ToddStar Photography, Mark Tremonti provided additional details about the upcoming Alter Bridge instructional DVD being produced by Fret 12.  The DVD will be released as part of Fret 12's "the Sound and the Story" series, and will include:

  • A 45-minute documentary about the making of Fortress
  • Mark and Myles Kennedy each teaching their individual solos on the album
  • Mark and Myles sitting together, teaching the thyrhm parts from the record

Click this link to view the ToddStar Photography interview:

Mark and Myles spent the last few days at the Fret 12 offices in Chicago to film their parts on the DVD.  Fret 12 posted a video yesterday announcing that filming was complete:

Fret 12 COO Tim Tournier also mentioned on Facebook that he was in the process of writing the Fortress tab book:

Click here to view a collection of photos taken during the filming sessions.

Mark's first instructional DVD, titled "Mark Tremonti - The Sound and the Story" was released in 2008 following the release of Alter Bridge's Blackbird album.  Like the upcoming Alter Bridge DVD, this release contained a variety of material including a documentary, guitar exercises, and lessons on the Blackbird solos.