Alter Bridge compilation album included in new Classic Rock magazine


The latest issue of Classic Rock magazine features Alter Bridge as the cover story and includes a compilation album titled "The Story So Far..."  The disc holds 12 tracks from Fortress, AB III, and both of their live albums.  Also within the issue is a multi-page article describing Alter Bridge's incredible ascention, a separate Fortress album review, and a page that details the songs included on the compilation CD.  Additionally, both magazine covers are dedicated to Alter Bridge, with a band photo on the front, and a full-page Fortress advertisement on the back.

The CD cover and track listing are as follows:

  1. Fortress - "Addicted to Pain"
  2. Live From Amsterdam - "One Day Remains"
  3. Live at Wembley - "Find the Real"
  4. AB III - "All Hope is Gone"
  5. Live at Wembley - "Blackbird"
  6. AB III - "Ghost of Days Gone By"
  7. Live From Amsterdam - "Rise Today"
  8. Live From Amsterdam - "Ties That Bind"
  9. AB III - "Slip to the Void"
  10. Live at Wembley - "Watch Over You"
  11. AB III - "I Know it Hurts"
  12. Live From Amsterdam - "Open Your Eyes"
  13. The magazine hits newstands today in the UK.  Be sure to pick up a copy!

    To accompany the release, Alter Bridge also performed an acoustic rendition of "Rise Today".  Check it out below: