Alter Bridge shooting a music video for "Addicted to Pain"


This week Alter Bridge will film an official music video for "Addicted to Pain", the first single off of their upcoming album, Fortress.  The video, due out in September, will be filmed by director Dan Catullo.  This information was revealed on, and confirmed by Dan himself on a post at

Alter Bridge have a long history with Dan Catullo and his production company, DC3.  He produced both of the band's live DVDs, Live From Amsterdam and Live at Wembley, as well as a slew of webisodes and other clips.  DC3 will also be releasing an Alter Bridge box set which was announced earlier this year, but recently delayed in order to incorporate material from Fortress.

"Addicted to Pain" originally leaked on August 6, but is now available to purchase on and iTunesFortress is due out on October 8 in the USA, and is also now available to preorder (Amazon/iTunes).

In other news, the Washington Post reports that "Addicted to Pain" has made a big splash in the UK, where it is currently charting at #1 on Spotify (source).  Check out the song as well as its album art below: