Alter Bridge's upcoming single "Addicted to Pain" leaks


Alter Bridge's upcoming single "Addicted to Pain" was leaked on the internet today via an unknown source.  This comes less than a week before the song is due for release in Europe, and two weeks before it hits radio in the USA.

While will never host or publicize links to copyrighted Alter Bridge material, the single is not difficult to find on YouTube or any of the various leaked music communities across the internet.

"Addicted to Pain" will be the lead single off of Alter Bridge's fourth album, Fortress, which is due out on October 8th in the USA.  Check out the song's album art below (click for full image), which leaked two days ago:

As previously reported, "Addicted to Pain" will hit radio in the USA on August 20th.  However, The Alter Bridge Nation has also discovered that the song will makes its European debut in less than one week, on August 12th.