Alter Bridge unveil 'Fortress' album art and track listing


Alter Bridge have just unveiled the cover art for their upcoming album, Fortress.  The image was initially posted to the RoadRunner website, which quickly crashed due to the sheer number of rabid Alter Bridge fans trying to load the page.  Shortly thereafter the band posted the image to their Facebook Page.  Check it out below:

The album art was designed by Mark Tremonti's brother Dan, who has provided the artwork for all of Mark's projects to date, including Creed, Alter Bridge, and his solo project.  A higher-resolution image posted by RoadRunner can be viewed here, however this artwork is an unfinished version; the correct artwork (above) is posted to Alter Bridge's Facebook page.

The band also revealed the track listing for Fortress.  While initial reports pegged the album at a length of 13 songs, the final track listing only shows 12, leaving 2 as b-sides.  The song names are as follows:

  1. Cry of Achilles
  2. Addicted to Pain
  3. Bleed It Dry
  4. Lover
  5. The Uninvited
  6. Peace is Broken
  7. Calm the Fire
  8. Waters Rising
  9. Farther than the Sun
  10. Cry a River
  11. All Ends Well
  12. Fortress

Few details are known about the songs themselves.  The opening track, "Cry of Achilles", features a nylon-string guitar intro performed by Myles Kennedy.  "Bleed it Dry" and "Farther than the Sun" are apparently some of Alter Bridge's hardest songs yet, whereas "All Ends Well" and "Fortress" are on the softer side.  On "Waters Rising", Mark handles the entire lead vocal track.  Closing to the album, the title track, "Fortress", is apparently a seven-minute epic.

Just last week, Mark announced on Twitter that the mastering process was complete:

With the album recorded and mixed, and the cover art approved, the album is almost ready for release.  The currently known release dates are as follows:

  • September 18: Japan
  • September 27: Australia, the Netherlands
  • September 30: UK
  • October 8: USA

Alter Bridge will be playing their only USA concert of 2013 on Friday, October 4th at the House of Blues in Orlando Florida.  Twelve days later, they will embark on a full tour of Europe, including a run of arena dates throughout the UK.