Alter Bridge finish tracking fourth album, other details revealed


Alter Bridge have finished tracking their fourth album, according to a Tweet by Mark Tremonti on July 2nd.  The band began recording the album on April 26th, and since then the guys have been in and out of the studio as their schedules permit to finish up the tracking process.  The album is once again being procued by Michael "Elvis" Baskette, who also produced Blackbird and AB III, as well as Mark's solo album, All I Was.  The new record will contain thirteen tracks, including one on which Mark sings lead vocals.

Mark's Tweet, shown below, also includes a classic whiteboard photo, illustrating that each band member's completed parts.  The band have released similar photos during the recording of their previous albums, but the song titles are typically obscured, which serves to build hype for each record.

With tracking complete, the album is now in the process of being mixed.  Producer "Elvis" Baskette is handling the mixing, unlike previous albums which were mixed by other personnel.  A Tweet from Mark yesterday revealed that eleven of the thirteen tracks have been mixed.  Once mixing is complete, the record will begin the mastering process.

In a recent interview with Music Radar, Mark provided some of the most detailed information on the new album to date.  This includes:

  • The album is not "as dark as AB III but listening to it, a lot of the lyrics are still on the darker side of things.  But there's definitely a few uplifting concepts and themes on there as well.  There's apocalyptic lyrics… all kinds of moods."
  • On a track titled "Bleed it Dry", Mark avoided the shred solo approach, instead adopting David Gilmour's tactic of singing the solo in his head before translating it to the guitar.
  • Mark sings lead vocals on a track titled "The Waters Rise", on which he wrote about a fictional apocalypse.
  • A track called "Cry of Achilles" features a nylon acoustic guitar intro by Myles.
  • For this album, 70% of Mark's rhythm and lead tone comes from his Cornford RK100 amplifier.  The remainder comes from his two longtime workhorses, the Bogner Uberschall and the Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier.  Elvis has also been reamping songs using Mark's Dumble Overdrive Special.

Alter Bridge are embarking on a massive European tour this fall, with Shinedown and Halstorm in support.  Prior to that, the band will play a single USA date, which will be announced this Monday.  Click here to view Alter Bridge's current tour schedule.