"All That I Got" b-side available now!


The first b-side off of Tremonti's debut album All I Was, "All That I Got", was released today on iTunes.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE SONG.

"All That I Got", along with the other All I Was b-side, "Gone", was played regularly on the latest Tremonti tours of Europe and the USA.  Since then, the fate of these b-side recordings has been the subject of much speculation, including the possibility that they would be saved for Tremonti's next album.

To accompany this release, Fret 12 also unveiled two new t-shirts adorned with "All That I Got" artwork.  This adds to the existing portfolio of t-shirts that feature designs for each song off of All I Was (details here).  The latest designs are shown below:

These t-shirts can be purchased alone or in package bundles at the Fret 12 store here:

Finally, check out the previously unveiled "All That I Got" album art below:

This album art was posted to the Fret 12 Instagram page at this link: http://instagram.com/p/YAoD2fEiDi.