Alter Bridge box set teaser video posted


A cryptic teaser video has been released containing clues about what will be included in Alter Bridge's upcoming box set, which is scheduled for release on May 14th.  The video premiered today on, the site that went live just four days ago (details here).  Check it out below:

The video provides several hints about what the box set will contain.  While asking "what's in the box?", a few key dates briefly flash on the screen:

  • The first date, 8/10/2004, corresponds with the release of Alter Bridge's debut album, One Day Remains
  • The second date, 10/9/2007, matches with the release of Blackbird.
  • The third, 11/9/2010, aligns with the release of AB III.
  • The fourth, 11/29/2011, corresponds with Alter Bridge's historic performance at Wembley Arena, which was later release on DVD.
  • And the final date, 5/14/2013, obviously denotes the upcoming Box Set release.
The cryptic imagery is accompanied by sporadic audio clips of "Metalingus", and what sounds like a running reel-to-reel movie projector.

Dan Catullo's production company DC3 Music Group has been heavily involved with Alter Bridge over the last five years.  With Dan as director, DC3 have released Alter Bridge's Live From Amsterdam and Live At Wembley DVDs and CDs, multiple documentaries, and a series of Alter Bridge webisodes.