"Wish You Well" giveaway winner announced


Fret 12 announced today on their Facebook page the winner of the Tremonti "Wish You Well" giveaway.  The following photo was posted:

Two months ago, Fret 12 orchestrated an online puzzle that culminated in the release of Tremonti's "Wish You Well" music video, a demo of the song that Mark recorded in 1987, and a chance to win the contents of a secret "box" that was depiced in a teaser video.  More details on how the puzzle played out can be found here.

Judging by the photo, the secret contents of the box included:

  • A vintage cherry PRS Tremonti SE guitar
  • A signed photo of the Tremonti solo band
  • A signed photo of Mark Tremonti
  • A signed copy of All I Was
  • A copy of Mark's Sound and the Story instructional DVD
  • Stickers, picks, and other assorted goodies

Congratulations to the winner!