Scottsdale "Story from the Road" Tremonti video posted


Scottsdale "Story from the Road" Tremonti video posted Another installation of "Story from the Road" has been posted to the Tremonti YouTube Channel, featuring clips from Tremonti's recent show at the Pub Rock venue in Scottsdale, AZ on March 3rd.  This episode focuses heavily on Tim Tournier, who describes in detail his hectic duties as Tremonti tour manager.  Tournier also serves as lead guitarist of Man The Mighty, who opened for Tremonti's last two tours, and are Tremonti's only current Fret 12 label-mates.  In addition, Tournier is the COO of Fret 12.

As with the previous videos, the remainder of this montage assmbles clips from soundcheck, backstage, the tour bus, and the concert itself.  It also includes audio of Tremonti's "Decay" with the vocals removed.

This is the newest in a string of videos posted over the last two weeks, described in the following MTnet news postings: