"Wish You Well" video and 1987 demo posted


Fret 12 have just posted the official music video for "Wish You Well", as well as a demo of the song that Mark recorded in 1987.  This is the culmination of a weeklong online puzzle wherein Fret 12 posted new clues every day, ultimately leading to a secret website.  Check out the video and demo below:

Demo: http://www.n3014137w08400064.com/Content/audio/wish_you_well_old.mp3

The video clocks in at 5 minutes long, far exceeding the 3 minute length of "Wish You Well".  Thus it can be considered a short film, as opposed to a standard music video.  This marks the first time in years that Mark has been involved in a music video that contains a story, as opposed to solely live footage of the band.

The story in the video features a young boy practicing the main riff in "Wish You Well", as well as an unidentified man who takes the boy up to a rooftop, and walks around a variety of mysterious locations.  The vibe of the video can certainly be described as creepy, with many visual and sound effects typically found in horror film trailers.

The video and demo were posted today to a secret website located here.  Last week, Fret 12 began posting cryptic clues leading to the secret site.  (Read more details on the clues here and here.)  Ultimately, the clues pointed towards a series of numbers printed in the All I Was CD tray and booklet.  When combined, the numbers created a set of coordinates: N3014'13.7" W08400'06.4".

Removing the punctuation/formatting and adding www. and .com to the numbers yielded the URL to the secret site: http://www.n3014137w08400064.com/.  These coordinates were also hidden within the Human Clay CD case, and were used during Creed Quest puzzles over a decade ago.  The coordinates point to a rural crossroads on a nature preserve in Florida, often thought to be the location of Human Clay's album cover.  More recently, around the time Alter Bridge formed, the aforementioned URL showed lyrics from "Open Your Eyes" and images tying into the TV show Lost (archive).

When the secret website went live today, it showed the "Wish You Well" music video as well as the teaser video posted two days ago.  The bottom of the page contains an entry form for a giveaway of the contents of "the box" (shown in the teaser video).  Upon submitting the form, the site reveals an image of the cassette tape on which Mark recorded the "Wish You Well" demo in 1987.  Below that is an audio player where visitors can listen to a 70-second clip of the demo.

The demo is a much less polished version of the song, with a young Mark attempting aggressive vocals.  His guitar tone and the solo are evidently modeled after Metallica, which Mark was a huge fan of growing up.  Given that he was only 12 or 13 years old at the time of this recording, and had only been playing guitar for up to two years, the demo is very impressive.  Despite the differences in tone, singing style, and technique level not to mention the 25-year gap the song is very recognizable, with only a few minor changes in the riff and lyrics.  It is obvious that when recording the song for All I Was, he was attempting to stay true to the original.