Final clues and teaser video released for Tremonti puzzle


Final clues and teaser video released for Tremonti puzzle Fret 12 have revealed the final clues for the ongoing Tremonti online puzzle, including as a teaser video titled "Digging Up the Past".  The clues were posted over the last few days on Fret 12's Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages.  Fans are encouraged to follow Fret 12's Instagram page for the latest clues.  The clues lead to a secret website on which some new Tremonti content will be posted on Wednesday.  (Read more here.)

It is still unclear what material will be revealed at the end of the puzzle, but the teaser video does provide some hints.  The man shown in the video appears to be the same character from the photos taken at the filming of the upcoming "Wish You Well" video (view here).  The video also depicts imagery of someone digging an old box out of the ground, followed up a glimpse of Mark peering into the box.  The video ends with a series of numbers and symbols that all but give away the location of the secret website..

The teaser video is shown below, followed by the full set of clues from oldest to newest.