Tremonti online puzzle underway


Fret 12 have just launched an online puzzle which will apparently lead to the release of some new Tremonti goodies.  Over the past few days, Fret 12 have posted a variety of cryptic clues and images on their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages.  Fans are encouraged to follow Fret 12's Instagram page for the latest clues.

The puzzle is very reminiscent of the Creed Quest games that took place around the release of Human Clay, which were accompanied by an incomplete set of geographic coordinates hidden in the spine of the album's CD tray sleeve.  Creed Quest was devised by Mark's brother Dan Tremonti, whose creative firm Core 12 has designed all of Creed, Alter Bridge, and Tremonti's artwork to date.  Dan is presumably behind the latest round of puzzles; as Fret 12 COO Tim Tournier recently posted on Facebook, "Dan is a mastermind."

It is still unclear what material or footage might be revealed at the end of the puzzle, but that is undoubtedly by design.  One possibility is the recently-filmed music video for "Wish You Well".  Other possibilities that fans have speculated include Mark's high school demos of "Wish You Well", live footage from the last Tremonti tour, more videos of Tremonti's live performace at Groovemaster studios, and parts of Mark's upcoming DVD.

The clues as of January 13 are shown below.  A final clue will be revealed on Fret 12's Instagram page tomorrow.  Update 1/14: the final clue has been revealed and is shown below.

These clues lead to a secret website, at which the puzzle will evidently be continued.  The location of the site shall remain a secret for now, but so far it contains only one image, shown below.  Can you find the secret site?