Alter Bridge begin writing fourth album


Alter Bridge have begun writing their fourth album, as revealed in a variety of the band's Twitter and Facebook posts.  All four members are back together in Orlando, and have just completed their first day of writing.

This follows many months of quiet on the Alter Bridge front, as the band members spent most of 2012 working on their other ventures including Creed, Slash & Myles, and the Tremonti project.  Throughout the year, Mark and Myles made many mentions of their intent to reuinte in January to write the next Alter Bridge record.  True to their word, the process has officially begun.

On Thursday, January 3, Myles Tweeted a photo taken out of the window while seated on an airplane bound for Orlando, saying "and so it begins."

Photo Mirror

The same day, Brian stated on facebook that he would be leaving for Mark's house on Saturday.

The following day, Mark Tweeted a photo of himself and Myles with an acoustic guitar, saying "it begins today!!"

The next day, Mark's friend Eric Friedman Tweeted a photo of himself with Alter Bridge listening to the new Sevendust record with Sevendust guitarist John Connolly.  This is the first time in a while that all four band members have appeared together in a photo.  Eric Friedman is the rhythm guitarist for the Tremonti project, and the touring guitarist with Creed.

Today, Brian Marshall posted on Facebook stating that the first day of writing had been "productive to say the least."

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