Alter Bridge plan a new album and world tour for 2013


Mark Tremonti sent out a Tweet last week that he had met with Myles Kennedy, Scott Phillips, and Alter Bridge's managers to discuss the band's plans for 2013:

Following this Tweet, many news outlets began reporting that Alter Bridge had solidified 2013 their plans for a new album and world tour.  While this is perhaps somewhat presumptuous, it is not entirely without merit.  After the Tweet was sent, Alter Bridge's official website posted a news story confirming that the band's plans for 2013 would include a new album and world tour.  Check out the news story here:

This news confirms the band's prior statements and speculation by fans that 2013 would be an Alter Bridge-focused year, whereas 2012 was mostly focused on Creed, Myles' tour with Slash, and Mark's solo project.