Mark wants Wolfgang Van Halen to join his solo band permanently


Over the past few days, a slew of media outlets reported that Mark Tremonti wants Wolfgang Van Halen to join his solo project permanently.  For example, writes that "Creed and Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti says hed like to see the young bassist join his band permanently."  Since Alter Bridge and Creed bassist Brian Marshall had to suddenly drop out of the first Tremonti tour for undisclosed personal reasons, Wolfgang has been filling in as the band's touring bassist.

While no official announcement has been made, it is true that in recent interviews, both Mark and Wolfgang have expressed interest in working together permanently.  The idea is that whenever Wolfgang is not busy touring with legendary rock group Van Halen -- for whom Wolfgang's father Eddie and uncle Alex play guitar and drums, respectively -- he would be free to work with Mark on writing, recording, and touring with the Tremonti project.  Eddie has unofficially blessed his son's involvement with Tremonti, as he attended the Tremonti show in Kansas City on October 3rd.

Mark had originally wanted Wolfgang to join his solo band, but Wolfgang was unavailable due to commitments with Van Halen.  With Wolfgang's father Eddie now recovering from a recent surgery, Van Halen has been on hold, giving Wolfgang the opportunity to tour with Tremonti.

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