First 2013 Tremonti concert confirmed, and it's not Soundwave


The first Tremonti tour date in 2013 has just been confirmed.  Mark will be taking his solo band to Copenhagen, Denmark, performing at the Amager Bio on February 2nd.  This ends months of fan speculation that Mark would return to Europe in the spring of 2013, which Mark has loosely referenced over the last few weeks.

As always, all the latest Mark Tremonti tour dates can be found at the MTnet Tour page.

News of this concert follows a recent debacle between Tremonti and the organizers of Australia's annual Soundwave rock music festival.  The story goes like this:

On October 17th, reported that Tremonti had been added to the 2013 Soundwave lineup.  The website may have jumped the gun on releasing this information, but it was eventually confirmed on October 30th by the official Soundwave Twitter account:

However, on November 1st a Soundwave promoter posted a series of immature Tweets not only revealing that the band had backed out of the festival, but also insulting Tremonti and several fans in the process.  The Tweets have since been removed, but a selection were captured and are posted below:

Shortly thereafter, Mark logged onto Twitter and apologized for the mix-up:

The Soundwave promoter later clarified that Tremonti was unable to stop the announcement from going out due to Hurricane Sandy hitting the New York area.