Mark joins Slash & Myles on stage in London


Mark Tremonti joined Slash & Myles on stage last night at the O2 Academy in London for a performance of Alter Bridge's hit single "Rise Today".  Mark's solo band had played the second opening slot at this show, so this satisfies speculation that Mark and Myles would come together on stage at some point during the concert.  A fan-shot video of the performance is posted below:

Mark filled his usual Alter Bridge role of playing the layered parts during the verses, singing backing vocals during the choruses, and playing the climactic solo at the end.  However, like Slash has often done while covering "Rise Today", Mark played an improvised solo rather than the album version.

Each having just wrapped up a USA tour, both bands are now hitting the UK and continental Europe.  During their respective runs, they will be playing together on three occasions, with Mark's solo band filling the opening slot.  The three dates are:

10-11-2012London, EnglandBrixton O2 Academy
10-12-2012London, EnglandBrixton O2 Academy
10-15-2012Newcastle, EnglandNewcastle O2 Academy

This is not the first time that these two legendary guitarists have shared the stage.  On January 4th, 2011, Slash joined Alter Bridge on stage to play along with "Rise Today".  Also at that show, Wolfgang Van Halen played drums on "One Day Remains" while his father, Eddie Van Halen, watched from the side of the stage.  Earlier that day, Alter Bridge had performed their AB III single "Isolation" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Besides that show, Slash has played "Rise Today" was Alter Bridge on numerous other occasions including at the Soundwave Festival in Australia earlier this year, and at Arenan in Stockholm, Sweden in 2010.

Released in 2007, "Rise Today" was the lead single off of Alter Bridge's sophomore album, Blackbird.  Since then, Alter Bridge have performed it consistently as the closing track of their live sets.

This show marks the first time that Mark and Myles have performed together since their brief Australian tour in March.  Prior to that, they had not toured together since 2011.  In fan-shot videos of last night's performance, Myles appears very excited to be back on stage with his Alter Bridge bandmate.

After Slash released his self-titled debut solo album in 2010, which featured Myles' vocals on two original tracks, Slash & Myles toured in support of the album.  During that time they covered "Rise Today" regularly, and the song appears on their live album, Live In Manchester.  However, they have not been playing the song on their latest tour, in lieu of tracks off of their latest collaboration, Apololyptic Love.

Alter Bridge have perhaps their most significant fan base in the UK, so these Slash & Myles and Tremonti tour dates are a natural fit.  The O2 Academy in the Brixton district of South London also holds particular significance for Alter Bridge, as it was intended to be the original location for their first live DVD, which ended up being filmed in Amsterdam due to logistical complications.

Alter Bridge's manager Steve Wood was in attendance at last night's show, and shared one of photographer Ashley Maile's photos, as well as two of his own:

Mark Tremonti performs
Source: Ashley Maile Photography (Website | Facebook)

Mark Tremonti performs
Source: Steve Wood (Facebook)

Mark Tremonti performs
Source: Steve Wood (Facebook)