PRS releases new SE Tremonti Custom model


PRS Guitars have unveiled a new model in Mark Tremonti's signature line, dubbed the PRS SE Tremonti Custom.  With a thicker body, wide-thin neck, and up-routed tremolo system, the guitar is much closer to the USA Tremonti model than the existing Tremonti SE.  As of now, the SE Tremonti Custom is only available in the UK, although PRS are currently preparing for distribution in the USA.

According to this post by a PRS representative on, the new SE Tremonti Custom was created using the USA Tremonti model as a starting point.  Thus, the guitar drops the original Tremonti SE's thinner bound mahogany body for a thicker, heavier body comprised of a mahogaby bottom and a carved, flamed maple veneer cap.  The guitar also features Mark's favorite wide-thin neck, adorned with mother of pearl bird inlays, and the pickup slots are loaded with a pair of SE245 humbuckers.  Perhaps the biggest upgrade from the old Tremonti SE is the inclusion of a tremolo system with up-routing which, just like the USA model, allows players to dive down and pull up on the whammy bar.

Per the announcement, the guitar comes in two finishes: Gray Black and Black Cherry.  However, a few websites also list a Purple Burst option.  The former two finishes include cream pickup surrounds, similar to those on the USA model, and the purple burst option uses black surrounds.

Whereas the old Tremonti SE retails for around 550 in the UK, the SE Tremonti Custom is listed at about 700.  Given its SE branding and low pricing compared to the USA model, the SE Tremonti Custom is presumably very close to the old Tremonti SE in terms of build quality and overall polish.  However, since it shares additional features with the USA model, it can be considered much more of a "true" SE version of the Tremonti signature guitar.  The old Tremonti SE is top-heavy, with the balance of weight shifted towards the neck, so the thicker body on the SE Tremonti Custom may very well correct that imbalance.  Since PRS guitars often retail for the same number of US Dollars and British Pounds, it is likely that the SE Tremonti Custom will retail in the USA for around $700.

Mark Tremonti was the second musician (after Carlos Santana) to ever be offered a signature PRS guitar.  Not counting special finishes like the tribal or Dragon Tremonti guitars, the SE Tremonti Custom marks the fifth unique Tremonti model released by PRS.  The first was the original USA Tremonti model with a solid tail and a wide-fat neck inliad with Mark's name at the 12th fret.  The second was the original Tremonti SE with dot freboard inlays.  The third is the current Tremonti signature model, often called the "Tremonti II", which features a wide-thin neck and a floating bridge.  The fourth is the current Tremonti SE with upgraded bird inlays.  Obviously, the fifth is the new SE Tremonti Custom.

The new guitar is not yet listed on the PRS website, but is already popping up for purchase from a few UK-based e-tailers:

A video review and a slew of photos are posted below:

PRS SE Tremonti Custom - Gray Black finish

PRS SE Tremonti Custom - Black Cherry finish

PRS SE Tremonti Custom - Purple Burst finish

PRS SE Tremonti Custom - stock image