Six new "story from the road" videos posted


Over the past few days Fret 12 have posted six new videos to the official Tremonti YouTube Channel, featuring all new behind the scenes footage.  Of the six videos, four showcase each of the four touring members of Tremonti solo band including Mark Tremonti, Eric Friedman, Garrett Whitlock, and Eric Friedman.  The other two videos focus on the band's recent visit to the PRS guitar factory, and the band's sound engineer, Jay Taylor.  The videos are also interlaced with never before seen clips of the band performing live at the various venues on their ongoing USA tour.  Check out the videos below, in the order they were posted:

Jay Taylor (Sound Engineer) - Birmingham, AL

Wolfgang Van Halen (bass) - Atlanta, GA

Garrett Whitlock (drums) - Orlando, FL

Visiting the PRS Factory

Eric "EROCK" Friedman (rhythm guitar, backing vocals) - Nashville, TN

Mark Tremonti (lead vocals/guitar) - Kansas City, MO