New behind the scenes video from Connecticut


Fret12 have posted a new video to the official Tremonti YouTube channel giving a behind-the-scenes look at the recent Tremonti show at Club INT in New Britain, Connecticut.  This video includes a variety of footage:

  • Live footage of Tremonti performing the unreleased All I Was b-side "Gone"
  • Tremonti drummer Garrett Whitlock cleaning the tour bus with an electric sweeper while rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Eric Friedman washes his hair in the sink
  • Wolfgang Van Halen flipping out over a wasteful abundance of beer
  • Tour manager and opening band Man The Mighty guitarist Tim Tournier breaking a hammock

The September 25th show at Club INT marks the first time that we have heard either of the All I Was b-sides.  The song appears to have been added to Tremonti's regular setlist since they also performed the song the following night at their show in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  The Tremonti tour runs through October, and will hit much of the USA, the UK, and continental Europe.  Click here to view all upcoming dates.

Check out the full performance of "Gone" in this fan-shot video from last night's Tremonti show at The Note in West Chester, PA: