Details from epic NYC show posted by Hard Drive Radio


A "Dirt" blog post written yesterday on details the epic concert that Mark Tremonti and his solo band played in New York City on September 12.  The original posting can be found here:  Highlights are listed below:

  • The band were introduced on stage by Eddie Trunk, host of That Metal Show (the VH1 Classic series on which Mark appeared last weekend) and the Eddie Trunk Rocks and Trunk Nation radio shows
  • This was the second show to feature Wolfgang Van Halen on bass, filling in for Brian Marshall who had to back out of the tour at the last minute
  • Mark's wife Victoria surprised him by showing up at the band's rehearsal earlier that day
  • Despite coming down with a cold and sore throat, Mark still completed a host of radio promos and pre-show interviews, and hung out at the merch booth after the show to meet everyone who waited around
  • Also in attendance were the members of friends and Creed openers Like A Storm and Eve to Adam, as well as Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose

The Tremonti tour resumes on September 20 at the Machine Shop in Flint, MI.