Fret12 announces inside look into upcoming Tremonti tour


Fret12 have just posted a news article to announcing an inside look into Mark's solo band which will accompany their upcoming tour.  The story is pasted below, and can be accessed at the following link:


FRET12 takes YOU on the road and behind the scenes with TREMONTI

You’ve heard the music, you know the words; you have literally worn a hole in the disc from overplaying the album.  If you’ve bled from the ears, I’m sorry there’s nothing we can do for you, except give you a pat on the back.  After seeing the infamous Groovemaster Studios video for the hit single “You Waste Your Time”, you are left to wonder if this band will ever play the songs live as they were meant to be experienced...

Well, wait no more; FRET12 has the answers you have been waiting for and more.  Not only are we going to get this band on the road, but we are going to give you an all-access pass unlike any before.

Nothing can compare to the experience of 100+ decibels of TREMONTI, live and in your face.  The TREMONTI Fall 2012 Tour has now come to fruition and is going to be stopping in a city near you.  Featuring the talents of Mark Tremonti, Eric Friedman, Garrett Whitlock, and Brian Marshall, there is a good chance you may have seen these musicians live before, but never quite like this.  Many years ago in 2004, what spawned as a friendly tour partnership, laid the groundwork for a musical camaraderie that eventually evolved into a complete separate band; a band unlike any you have seen before.

Not only will this tour bring you new music, it will also give you a rare glimpse into the lives of these four musicians as they take their sound on the road.  This will be a “Sound and the Story” unlike any you have heard before.  By joining the mailing list and staying tuned to you will be given what can best be described as a “digital bunk on the tour bus”.

Each day, FRET12 will be putting you in the middle of all the action.  From the fun and crazy, to the not-so-glamorous, to the dreadful hurry up and wait, you are going to get the chance to see what life is like for a touring musician.  Some things may shock and horrify you, and others may bore you to tears; regardless, you will be getting the action as it happens!  You might even see yourself show up on film at one of the tour stops!

Watch the crazy escapades of the FRET12 crew as they clamor for gear at the last minute and attempt to turn utter chaos into a live concert, watch the trials and tribulations of the band as they travel the country playing some of the most raw and storied venues, watch the bus driver take a nap; even meet some new faces!  Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll even get to see some impromptu jam sessions for future music?  Who knows what will happen, the only way to find out is to get in with FRET12 and then enjoy the show!

Yes this is unlike anything that has been done before.  No, this isn’t going to be your typical “band DVD footage”.  But isn’t that what makes it fun?