'All I Was' charts at #29


Blabbermouth reports that Mark Tremonti's debut solo album, All I Was, has entered the Billboard 200 album chart at #29, having sold over 12,000 copies in its first week of release.  This marks a formidably strong performance for the independent record, which was released on July 17 via Fret 12 Records.  The album's placement on the Billboard Rock chart is yet to be determined.

Update 7/26: These sales figures have earned All I Was the #7 spot on the Billboard Rock Albums chart, as well as #5 on the Hard Rock Albums chart, and #7 on the Independent Albums chart.

All I Was made an equally impressive splash on the iTunes digital Rock album charts, peaking at #2 in the USA, and #1 in Australia and the UK.  The album achieved healthy positioning on a variety of other worldwide iTunes Rock charts, including #2 in Canada, Luxembourg, and New Zealand, #3 in Austria, Denmark, and the Netherlands, #4 in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland, #6 in Norway, #7 in Spain, and #10 in France.*

All I Was also sold out on Amazon.com within its first few hours of availability, exceeding Fret 12's most optimistic sales expectations, and forcing the label to perform an emergency restock of the album.

Source: www.blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=177249

* Note that these positions were observed at specific points in time, and do not necessarily represent the peak performance of the album in each respective country.  If you saw the album do better than any of the positions noted above, and you have a screenshot to prove it, please contact me and I will update this news story accordingly.