New website launched at


To support tomorrow's highly anticipated release of Mark Tremonti's debut solo album, All I Was, a brand new website was launched today at  The site includes an enormity of content, some old and some new, including:

  • Previews and lyrics for all 12 songs on All I Was
  • Tremonti project news
  • Biographies of Mark Tremonti and his solo bandmates Eric Friedman and Garrett Whitlock
  • Video and Image galleries
  • A brand new discussion forum
  • A tour date page
  • Facebook and Twitter widgets
  • Merchandise pages

This marks a significant improvement over the original Tremonti Project website in terms of both content and aesthetics.  Whereas the original site appeared to be a hastily- constructed placeholder page, the new site is professionally designed and fully populated with media and information.

When first launched, it initially redirected to the old Tremonti Project website.  Soon, however, the URL was properly aligned with the new website, presumably after the DNS server location had had enough time to propogate.  Now, both and route to the new website, and the old site is lost in history.

For many years now, the domain name has been registered to Core 12, but this is the first time that a website of any kind has actually existed at the location.  (As a side note, this is why fan websites have had to exist at alternate URLs, such as and  Core 12 is the graphic design and creative media website owned by Mark Tremonti's brother Dan, who has designed all of Creed's and Alter Bridge's album art and merchandise to date.