Mark discusses plans for future solo tour, Alter Bridge, and Creed


In two recent interviews, Mark has mentioned plans for a potential tour this fall to promote his upcoming debut solo release, All I Was.  The first mention, in a written interview for Noisecreep, can be found here:  The second mention was made on-air during a live radio interview at "The Rock of New Jersey" 105.5 WDHA, which can be replayed here:

In both interviews, Mark discussed the future plans for all three of his bands, including Alter Bridge, Creed, and his solo group.  He disclosed that once Creed's summer tour wraps up at the begining of September, Mark will embark on a five-week tour with his solo band.  Once that wraps up, there is talk of Creed touring for the first time in South America.  Finally, in December Mark will meet up with Myles to begin work on writing the fourth Alter Bridge record, after which the entire band will regroup in January to finish the album in time to hit the summer festival circuit.

Until now, only two Tremonti solo dates had been confirmed.  The first, a surprise show at The Social in Orlando, was played on Saturday, July 7.  The second, happening at the same venue, is scheduled to coincide with the release of All I Was on Tuesday, July 17. &nbso;These announcements are the first official confirmations of Mark's intentions to take his solo band on a tour run.