Tremonti perform surprise show in Orlando (+photos/videos)


Mark Tremonti's performed a surprise show today at The Social in Orlando, announced only this morning on Twitter and Facebook.  This is the first live show performed by Mark's solo band, known as Tremonti, and marks the first time Mark has fronted a professional live band.  The concert was performed at the same Orlando venue where the band will play a release show on July 17, coinciding with the day their debut album goes on sale.

Given the surprise nature of the performance, this concert was likely intended as a rehearsal for the release show in ten days; however despite the short notice, some area fans were able to attend and capture some media.  Check out the video of "You Waste Your Time" -- the first video ever of the band performing in a live concert setting -- as well as two other songs previously unheard in their entirety, and a variety of images (click to enlarge) below:


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