Alter Bridge's label RoadRunner Records shut down internationally


It was reported today that RoadRunner Records, who for the last eighteen months have served as Alter Bridge's record label outside of North America, have been shut down internationally.  Cees Wessels, who founded the label in the Netherlands in 1980, has departed the company, and 36 other label positions were eliminated.  Most of RoadRunner’s back office operations will be absorbed into its parent company, Warner Music, while A&R, marketing, and promotions will continue to be handled under the RoadRunner name.

Alter Bridge's latest album, AB III, was released on Alter Bridge Recordings via Capitol/EMI in North America, and on RoadRunner Records everywhere else.  It is unclear what - if any - implications this shutdown has for Alter Bridge's future.  Mark Tremonti had this to say about the news on Twitter:

Mark Tremonti
I can't believe Road Runner Records is being shut down internationally!! Could be the best label on the planet for rock and metal. A sad day

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