'All I Was' to be released on July 10


A variety of news sources reported today that Mark Tremonti's upcoming debut solo album All I Was will be released on Tuesday, July 10.  This finally cements into place the release date, which has been tentatively scheduled for the first half of 2012 since the album was first confirmed last year.

This is the only new information revealed in these reports.  Other than that, the articles confirm what we already know. All I Was will be released via Fret 12 Records, an independent label affiliated with the Fret12 venture founded by Mark Tremonti and his brother Dan.  The album will contain twelve tracks, listed below:
1. Leave It Alone
2. So You're Afraid
3. Wish You Well
4. Brains
5. The Things I've Seen
6. You Waste Your Time
7. New Way Out
8. Giving Up
9. Proof
10. All I Was
11. Doesn't Matter
12. Decay

These reports also mention a potential tour of the Tremonti band later this year, although no details have been confirmed as of yet.

This news comes shortly after All I Was was put up for preorder on the Fret12 website, and three song preview clips were posted to the Tremonti project website.

A selection of articles containing this release date announcement can be found at the links below: