First fan to hear 'All I Was' writes his thoughts


Clint Forge, who won the All I Was: All For Me contest to fly out to Fret12 and hear Mark's upcoming solo album, has just posted about his experience on facebook.

Original post:

I am going to try really hard to satisfy all of the fans of Mark out there in cyberspace. Being as I am the first set of ears to have heard the Tremonti Project- All I Was. The morning started out being picked up at the hotel by Tim from Fret12. We drove to the undisclosed location which was Groovemaster Studios. What an awesome place full of rich history not only music history but also the history of the building. I could hear pounding coming from the basement along with the muffled sounds of guitar and singing. My son and I walked in and Mark and band were recording the cd live along with making live videos. I was greeted by the rest of the awesome Fret12 crew. After the band finished playing the sing they were doing I was introduced to Mark and the rest of the band. Talk about a bunch of great guys. All of them were down to earth really just a bunch of cool guys. After introductions my son and I stood right there in front of the band about 6 feet about great "seats" The guys were ripping through a song called "Proof" We were handed some studio headphones to protect the ears and hear the music a bit better. The song "Proof" RIPS. I heard them do 3 takes of the song and it is still stuck in my head I heard it in my dreams last night it is that good. After they finished that song We were taken to the third floor of Groovemaster to where the magic happens and the album got mixed down. My son and I were ushered into Johnny K's personal Guitar closet. All I can say is WOW. All the songs those strings have made it was impressive. We then went over to the mixing area to hear the album straight through.

My review of All I Was by the Tremonti Project. I was totally blown away by the ENTIRE cd. There is not a single B-Side Tune. Marks voice is awesome..I'm not sure why he hasn't stepped out in front sooner. His voice is distinctive all it's own he sounds like no one. Which is awesome. When you hear these songs you will be blown away not only by the absolute killer guitar work that Mark and E-Rock have done which the solos that are on these songs by far are the best I have heard come from Mark. As for what the music sounds like. I can tell you what it doesn't sound like. It doesn't sound like Creed or Alter Bridge. It takes what he has done musically in the past and takes it up about ten notches. It is HEAVY. Heavier than anything Mark has done before you will hear a hybrid of influences from both of his bands but the tone on the guitar and some of the solos could easily be on a Thrash album. The rhythm section brought on the by the rest of the guys is a thick groove with a lot of quick stepping on the bass drum. This is something you will be able to bang your head to. Yet Mark beautifully incorporates these solos with melodies that Grab you and smack you around a bit. The songs are singable and I found myself playing quite a bit of air guitar myself. So any of you all out there like to air shred there is way too much on here to get your fingers moving to the music. I predict ALL I was will take Mark to a whole other level musically simply because the music you will hear is not what you would expect. As for a first single from this album it will be really hard for them to pick it. As a fan of Mark's since Creed's inception I was simply thrilled to hear this incredible offering. Marks heart and soul is bared in this album in a way he probably hasn't been able to do before. So to all of you Creed/Alter Bridge fans out there. When this album get's released (Which they are really trying to get it out there they really want it heard but it needs to come at the right time be a little more understanding the patience will pay off TRUST ME) RUN don't walk RUN to get this album. It does NOT disappoint. From what I know they are trying to get a single out in the next few weeks. Like I said they have a chore picking the tune they are all awesome. If you asked me to pick a favorite song I honestly can't do it. I don;t think you will be able to either once you can throw this one in your rotation.

After the guys were done with the recording of the live cd and the videos we got to sit with Mark and the rest of the band and hang out. We had lunch and quite a few laughs. I will say that this was an experience that My 6 year old and I will never forget. Mark and the gang at Fret12 are good people. We were treated so wonderful and cannot wait to see Mark soon when he comes through Houston with Creed. Funny thing is Mark wrote my son an excuse from school. One that the teacher probably wouldn't believe unless they saw it first hand

Also just to let you all know. While I heard the album I do NOT have it. I too have to wait till it's released until I can enjoy it once again. Thanks Mark Tremonti and Fret12 for a once in a lifetime experience this is one I will treasure forever.