New video provides first glimpse into Mark's solo band


Fret12 today posted a video on YouTube which provides a glimpse into Mark Tremonti's solo project. The video starts with the first-ever released clip of the band performing a song off of the upcoming album, "All I Was". After this brief teaser, Mark introduces the band, which includes Eric Friedman on guitar, Brian Marshall on bass, and Garrett Whitlock on drums.

Check out the video below:

This video gives viewers a sneak peek into the filming of a live version of "All I Was". Very little is known at this point about the purpose of this live performance. Additional photos released show Mark providing guitar instruction, so it is possible that this will all be wrapped into a new instructional DVD.

"All I Was" is expected to be released within the next few months. The album has been fully tracked and mixed, and will soon be mastered.

Mark recorded the album with Eric Freidman and Garrett Whitlock, who were bandmates in the now-defunct Submersed, on guitar and drums, respectively. Mark produced Submersed's debut album, and had initially introduced Eric into the band. Brian Marshall appears to be joining the live lineup of Mark's solo band.