Mark Tremonti reveals the album cover art for his solo record


Mark Tremonti posted a link today on his Twitter page revealing the final artwork for his upcoming debut solo album, All I Was. The tweet was composed as follows:

Mark Tremonti
We finalized the cover art for the #TremontiProject today! Wanna check it out, here you go

The link leads to the album art, pictured below (click to enlarge).

In response to a fan question, Mark also clarified that one song name had changed from the tentative track listing. "Don't Claim" is now known as "The Things I've Seen". Given this change, the track list looks like this:

All I Was
So You're Afraid
You Waste Your Time
New Way Out
Leave It Alone
Wish You Well
Don't Claim
All That I Got
Giving Up
Doesn't Matter

All I Was has been completely tracked and mixed, and will be mastered in the coming weeks. The album will be released within the next few months via