Alter Bridge advise purchasing 'Live At Wembley' on Amazon, DVD hits #2


Dan Catullo, who directed the upcoming Live At Wembley DVD release, posted the following update via the Alter Bridge website:

The world wide release is now scheduled for all territories (US, Canada, Europe, Australia) for March 26, 2012. The US and Canada moved to be in line with the rest of the world, rather than release on the 27th.

In the US, the DVD will not be available at Target or Wal-Mart. However, Best Buy and all other retailers will be carrying it. We are projecting that most of the retailers will sell out very quickly, as their initial orders are low. Therefore, the only way to guarantee you get your copy during release week is to order from or the EMI store. If you order on Amazon now, not only will you get an additional 3 bonus audio tracks, your product will be on your doorstep on release day.

As we get more detailed release information, we will forward it on to you. We still do not have distribution set up in South America or Asia, but are diligently working on it.

Original post:

Shortly after Live at Wembley was posted for preorder on, it made a splash on the Concert blu-ray bestsellers list, second only to Adele.

This news follows a slew of clips from the DVD that have been posted to the internet, including the trailer and three-full length songs: Coeur D'Alene, Slip to the Void, and I Know it Hurts.

The DVD is available for preorder on at the following links:
Blu-Ray (USA) -
Blu-Ray (UK) -