"Ghost of Days Gone By" announced as second US single


Hot on the heels of the unanticipated huge success experienced by "Isolation," Alter Bridge have announced their second single off of "AB III." The single, "Ghost of Days Gone By," will be released next month in the States, just in time for Alter Bridge's upcoming US tour.

There was uncertainty as to which song off of "AB III" would follow "Isolation," as the single was released in the US a month after it was released in Europe, so the second single would likely follow a similar timeline. "I Know It Hurts" was just released as Alter Bridge's second single internationally, so logically it seemed that the same song would also end up being the second American single.

Yesterday, Alter Bridge posted "Do They Haunt You Like A Ghost Until The End?" on their Twitter page, sparking speculation that "Ghost" would indeed be the follow-up single. Today the band posted "The Ghost Of Days Gone By... haunting North America this spring... It's coming!!!" on their Twitter, putting an end to the uncertainty.

Update 3/17:
The album art for the single has surfaced, and is posted below. Additionally, you can hear the slightly-shortened radio edit of the song at the following location: