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Alter Bridge announced today on their myspace page that their third album use its working title "ABIII" as its official name.

Original post:

Hello Alter Bridge Nation,

We told you that we would give you information as soon as we get it and now we are making good on that pledge. We have decided to name our upcoming album AB III. It is simple yet effective, in our opinion.
We have also chosen which songs will be on the album and we think all of you fans will be very happy about what we chose. We will update this track listing throughout the day so stay tuned to this message for updates.

AB III (Album Title)

Track 1) Slip To The Void

Track 2)

Track 3)

Track 4)

Track 5)

Track 6)

Track 7)

Track 8)

Track 9)

Track 10)

Track 11)

Track 12)

Track 13)

Track 14)

Keep Rocking,

Alter Bridge