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Mark Tremonti

Official Mark Tremonti websites: - Official Mark Tremonti website - Fret 12 - solo record label and producer of Mark's instructional DVD - YouTube channel - Tremonti Project SoundCloud page - Mark's official facebook page - USA merchandise store - International merchandise store
Other sites: - Mark Tremonti Wikipedia - Italian fansite - PRS Guitars artist page - MBL blog

Alter Bridge

Official sites: - Official website - Facebook page - YouTube channel - Myspace page - Official merchandise store - Capitol street team
Other sites: - Alter Bridge Wikipedia - The largest Alter Bridge fan community - UK fan site - German fan site - Italian fan site


Official sites: - Official website - Facebook page - Myspace page - YouTube channel - Official merchandise store - Official merchandise store

Other sites: - Creed Wikipedia - Creed Feed fan site

Equipment makers - Paul Reed Smith guitars - Morley effects pedals - T-REX Engineering effects pedals - Mesa/Boogie amplifiers

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